September/October 2014

Rebuilding Gaza – and Representing the Palestinian People

by Toni G. Verstandig
The Palestinian future is in jeopardy after the latest conflict in Gaza. Former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad believes rebuilding is possible, but it must occur in tandem with a move toward accountable, legitimate government.  Read more

A Tale of Two Cities: The Next European Utopia

by José M. de Areilza
— Europe traveled a unique road to the current Union, shaped by World War and power personas. The author envisions a more democratic European Union, in concert rather than conflict with the political systems it encompasses, and infused with a stronger sense of 'European identity" borne of service and a shared future. Read more

Redefining American Identity

— We’re at a moment in American life where because of severe and widening inequality on the one hand, and rapid demographic flux and change on the other, the basic underlying question of “who is us” is incredibly urgent. Read more