March/April 2015

Netpolitik: What the Emergence of Networks Means for Diplomacy and Statecraft

by Charlie Firestone and Leshuo Dong
As Realpolitik and consensus-driven International Liberalism both show their weaknesses as constructs in a fast-moving, complex world, the authors suggests a new approach and lexicon for international relations, focused on understanding and employing network principles as a means for advancing diplomatic aims. Read more

Taking a Nation to War

by Mickey Edwards
— Congress is debating President Obama's request for the authority to use military force in the fight against ISIS. This debate is an important opportunity for the legislative branch to reinforce its role as the decisive voice in taking America to war.   Read more

New Frontiers in Development Finance

— As the world moves from focusing on the Millennium Development Goals to sustaining their progress, it's critical to establish better ways to manage the financing behind the framework. The year ahead offers several opportunities to strike a more balanced arrangement.  Read more