May/June 2015

The Endless Possibilities of the Whitewater World

by John Seely Brown
In welcoming a class of graduates to a life of entrepreneurial learning, the legendary technology visionary outlines the challenges and opportunities of living in a world where the information flow around us forms the context we all must understand to survive and thrive. Read more

The Paradox of Capital Investment in the United States

by Thomas Duesterberg and Donald A. Norman, Ph.D.
— Despite strong profits and plenty of cash on hand, the private sector isn't investing in the kinds of projects that will keep our economy growing. Here are some recommendations for reversing this trend before it's too late. Read more

Setting the Record Straight on Agent Orange

by Charles Bailey
— As America marks the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, it is important to remember that one part of our legacy there — the use of Agent Orange and its resulting Dioxin contamination — is being resolved, and new links are forming in that effort. Read more