May/June 2015

After King v. Burwell: Obamacare Grows Up

On the day following the Supreme Court’s decision affirming the Affordable Care Act, Washington policy elites who had a hand in the law’s contentious creation and aftermath meet to discuss the impact of the ruling, the regrets they have and where America goes next with health care. Read more

A Roadmap for Restoring the American Dream

by Walter Isaacson
— For our nation to power through our next great revolution, we need to reinvent America as an innovation hub. We need to recognize that education is the greatest talent engine we possess and use collaboration to multiply those talents. Read more

Everyone Has a Meaningful Place in the New Economy

— In the midst of all our transformation and upheaval, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the fundamental belief that has driven this country since its inception: that the American Dream should be within reach for everyone. Read more