Author: José M. de Areilza

 Professor of Law & Jean Monnet Chair at ESADE, Secretary General of Aspen Institute España and Senior Research Fellow, Elcano Royal Institute. 

José M. de Areilza Carvajal has worked at the University of San Pablo-CEU and Institute de Empresa (IE) where he was dean of the IE law school, holder of the Jean Monnet-IS chair and president of the Centre for European Studies. As visiting professor, he has taught at: the College of Europe, Warsaw; Sciences Po, Paris; the National University of Singapore; William and Mary School of law, Virginia.

On the Refugee Crisis in Europe: No Island Is an Island

by José M. de Areilza
— If EU policymakers can’t find a way to agree on a strategy for the wave of refugees fleeing war, persecution and economic calamity, the very idea of the Schengen agreement — free movement across Europe — will fray and the freedom it represents will fragment. Read more

A Tale of Two Cities: The Next European Utopia

by José M. de Areilza
— Europe traveled a unique road to the current Union, shaped by World War and power personas. The author envisions a more democratic European Union, in concert rather than conflict with the political systems it encompasses, and infused with a stronger sense of 'European identity" borne of service and a shared future. Read more