Author: Judith Samuelson

Executive Director, Aspen Business and Society Program

Judy Samuelson created the Aspen Business and Society Program, an independently supported program at the Aspen Institute, in 1998. Aspen BSP respects the power of business to shape the long-term health of society, and works to align business decisions with the public good.

Reducing Inequality: Six Next Moves for Business

by Maureen Conway and Judith Samuelson
— Business is beginning to focus on how they can be part of the solution as America works through a conversation about fair wages and the role of income inequality. Following moves by employers like Aetna Healthcare, Wal-mart, GM and others, here are some recommendations for maintaining momentum. Read more

Next-Gen Business Thinking

by Judith Samuelson
— In an era of increasing global commerce, business has the resources and reach to play a crucial role in determining the course of human rights and progress. How can we reshape business education for the 21st century to ensure that CEOs look beyond the financial bottom line? Read more