Author: Nicki Ruiz de Luzuriaga

Director of the Intergenerational Mobility Project at Crittenton Women's Union

Nicki Ruiz de Luzuriaga is the Director of the Intergenerational Mobility Project at Crittenton Women's Union (CWU) in Boston, MA. CWU is a proven poverty disruptor. They have built an internationally recognized, metric-based, mentor-led, incentivized roadmap that is consistently enabling families to cross the economic divide, while changing the view of what is possible across the entire social service sector. Find out more at their website.

How a Coach Can Help Break the Stubborn Grip of Poverty

by Nicki Ruiz de Luzuriaga
— Poverty is insidious and can make people believe they will never be able to live life without it. But a coach — lending real life assistance and boosting the confidence to see a better life — can have a powerful effect. Read more