Author: Tarek Rizk

Editor, Aspen Journal of Ideas

Tarek Rizk is the founding editor of the Aspen Journal of Ideas and curator of the Five Best Ideas of the Day. Tarek previously served as vice president for communications at NARAL Pro-Choice America and director of interactive services at the Aspen Institute. Prior to that, he was deputy director of the Global Interdependence Initiative at the Aspen Institute, precursor to the Aspen Planning and Evaluation program. 

Can They Do It?

by Tarek Rizk
— If Virginia Senator Tim Kaine gets his way, the United States Congress will take up its constitutional duty and hold a debate about whether and how America should launch an attack on the insurgent group known as Islamic State. Can today's congress, with its dismal approval ratings, partisan gridlock and anemic legislative output rise to the occasion? Read more

Invisible Hand versus Squeaky Wheel

by Tarek Rizk
— After calling out short term thinking as a looming threat to the health of our financial system, experts and researchers thinking about the purpose of the corporation reach a fork in the road. Read more

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson On the Border

by Tarek Rizk
— The Obama administration's response to the border crisis has attracted a range of responses from commentators and advocates. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson discussed his personal experience with the crush of undocumented children crossing the border, and outlined his hopes for a solution.   Read more