January/February 2016

American ‘Cultural Literacy,’ Historically Considered

by Aaron Hatley
The first step to create a new American cultural literacy is agreeing that there are points where, no matter our background, we will find ourselves illiterate. But we cannot sit back and demand that others adapt. We all, together, have work to do. Read more

Giving Retail Workers the Gift of Standards for Job Schedules

— Before the next holiday season in 2016, let us hope for more employers who lead the way and offer lessons for sustainable job scheduling strategies and practices. And let us wish for new laws that set minimum standards. That would be a gift to the nation for all seasons. Read more

Gathering Gold Against the Gloom of Unrest in Baltimore

by Eric Lavin and Aidan Flax-Clark
— Amid glimmers of hope in a city recently scarred by violence after the death in police custody of Freddie Gray, an Aspen-led initiative to strengthen existing and lift up new arts-centric community assets takes shape. Read more