November/December 2015

The Future of Work

Washington knows too little about the on-demand economy, and even less about collaboration. The future of work in America, like the future of governing, will depend on both. Here's a plan to start the debate off right. Read more

How We’ve Misunderstood the Hurt Student Protesters Feel

— As protests have spread across college campuses this year, a pundit-driven battle over the underlying causes has unfolded. But leaders and commentators would do well to concentrate on empathy for these young people rather than sniping from the sidelines. Read more

How a Coach Can Help Break the Stubborn Grip of Poverty

by Nicki Ruiz de Luzuriaga
— Poverty is insidious and can make people believe they will never be able to live life without it. But a coach — lending real life assistance and boosting the confidence to see a better life — can have a powerful effect. Read more