Food Security in the 21st Century

Global food security is a central challenge facing the earth’s expanding population in the next century. Over the past three years, the Aspen Institute’s Food Security Strategy Group has explored the premier food security challenges facing global leaders in the long term. The essays in this series were penned by members of the Food Security Strategy Group, and represent a cross section of the Strategy Group’s work to date and new thinking for establishing food security for the long term. This series coincides with the ExpoMilano: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, when the world will descend on Milan for six months of sustained events, exhibits, and workshops hosted by countries from around the world and centered on food and its global implications.


The Moral Imperatives of Food Security

by Madeleine K. Albright
— Food security is as much a moral and political issue as it is one defined by markets and international agreements. We have an obligation to close the gaps in the global food system not only for economic growth and political stability but also because it is the right thing to do. Read more

On Food Security, Who Leads?

by Tom Daschle and Dan Glickman
— The short answer: Everyone. Government can set the agenda on this critical issue but the private sector holds the cards and the keys to getting more people better food. Read more

To Fight Hunger, Think Family Planning

by The Honorable Joy Phumaphi
— Family planning is crucial to food security and sustainability, now and in the future. Incredibly, there are still 222 million women in the developing world who wish to plan their families, but lack meaningful access to these services.   Read more

Taking Smallholder Farmers Commercial, Step by Step

— Smallholder farmers can rewrite the history of African agriculture by continuing to take charge of their own growth, forming cooperatives and utilizing all available resources. And governments can help those farmers to thrive and make sure rural communities prosper. Read more

Reforming International Governance of Food Security

— If the global challenge of food security is to be met — and overcome — the agencies that together help the world tackle these issues need to launch a new era of cooperation and collaboration, and look hard at thoughtful, innovative, internal reforms. Read more