Issue: Culture

The Great Connectors

by Walter Isaacson
— Just as the Industrial Revolution was driven by combining the steam engine with ingenious machinery, the Digital Revolution has been driven by two great innovations: the personal computer and the Internet.  Together, they shifted influence from an old establishment to a new one led by the pioneers of technology, information, and entertainment. Read more

What Could Be Lost as Einstein’s Papers Go Online

by Walter Isaacson
— By empowering everyone to get information unfiltered, it diminishes the role of gatekeepers and intermediaries. But even in our digital age, scholars should visit their subjects’ archives—not just surf their sites.  Read more

Your Data or Your Life

— Every time we add a new device, we give away a little piece of ourselves. We often do this with very little knowledge about who is getting it, much less whether we share their ethics and values. Read more

The Myth of the Lone Genius

by Walter Isaacson
— In an excerpt and essay drawn from his new book "The Innovators," Walter Isaacson argues that the best creations since the dawn of the digital age have been the result of collaboration. This unique ingredient often provided the critical difference for some of the Internet's greatest advances, and even helped Isaacson complete his book.    Read more

Where Does Innovation Come From?

by Walter Isaacson
— We live in the age of computers, but few of us know who invented them. Because most of the pioneers were part of collaborative teams working in wartime secrecy, they aren't as famous as an Edison, Bell or Morse. Read more

National Service is an American Value

— On the anniversary of 9/11, which also marks the 20th year of AmeriCorps, a powerful call for an expansion of national service as a way to unite and strengthen our nation. Read more