Issue: Culture

On National Service and National Resilience

by Michèle Flournoy
— How can we enhance our national resilience in these difficult times? One sure way is to dramatically increase the number of Americans who have the opportunity to serve their nation. Read more

From evaluation to inspiration

by Scott Barry Kaufman
— In a culture obsessed with measuring talent, ability, and potential, we often overlook the important role of inspiration in enabling potential. Read more

Robots with the Heads in the Clouds

by Ken Goldberg
— A new generation of robots will use wireless networking, big data, machine learning, open-source, and the Internet of Things to improve how they assist us in tasks from driving to housekeeping to surgery. Read more

The “Teen Mom” Effect

by Phil Schneider
— Social media and search traffic data shows that reality shows about teen motherhood trigger conversations about birth control and may have helped cause a plunge in the teen birthrate. Read more

The Rating Game

by Walter Isaacson
— If we all thought we were subject to being rated by the people around us, we might work harder to be on our best behavior. Read more