Issue: The Economy

How to Target Intergenerational Poverty With a Basic Life Skill

— Programs that strengthen the executive function of families — aligning services for children and their parents — gives those families the tools to manage the parenting challenges that are often exacerbated by economic insecurity. Read more

The War on Secrecy

— What do the recently released Panama Papers, ExxonMobil, and a Canadian mining company operating in Guatemala all share? They are all cases in which powerful individuals and organizations tried – and failed – to obfuscate, deceive, or hide behind a front. Read more

Giving Retail Workers the Gift of Standards for Job Schedules

— Before the next holiday season in 2016, let us hope for more employers who lead the way and offer lessons for sustainable job scheduling strategies and practices. And let us wish for new laws that set minimum standards. That would be a gift to the nation for all seasons. Read more

The Future of Work

— Washington knows too little about the on-demand economy, and even less about collaboration. The future of work in America, like the future of governing, will depend on both. Here's a plan to start the debate off right. Read more

The Income Gap Keeps Widening. Something’s Not Working.

— The question for policymakers is whether we should focus on restraining the growth of incomes at the top or adopt policies that directly help boost incomes at the bottom. One economist argues for direct and consistent action to tackle the problems of the poor. Read more

How a Coach Can Help Break the Stubborn Grip of Poverty

by Nicki Ruiz de Luzuriaga
— Poverty is insidious and can make people believe they will never be able to live life without it. But a coach — lending real life assistance and boosting the confidence to see a better life — can have a powerful effect. Read more

Did Short-Term Thinking Harm the Long-Term Success of U.S. Workers?

by Maureen Conway
— Americans work harder than almost anyone else in the world, putting in more hours per week and more weeks per year than workers in most other developed countries. But eventually, the powerful economic growth America’s workforce was driving stopped benefiting the workers themselves. Read more

How States Can Lead the Way to Retirement Security

— Simple yet innovative, run by the state and available for the citizen to move from job-to-job, California's Secure Choice Retirement Savings plan could be the solution to creating lasting savings for the gig economy era.  Read more