Issue: The Economy

Celebrating the Power of Artisan Enterprise to Change the World

— If the global creative economy were a country, it would equal the fourth-largest economy — and workforce — on the planet. The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise is breaking down barriers to for these small-scale artisans all across the developing world.  Read more

The Better Corporation

— Around the world, the corporate governance landscape is shifting, as efforts to improve business practices gain support and momentum. The wave of reform has become visible everywhere, and, fueled by three developments, it is sure to continue to rise. Read more

Why We Need a Small Business Borrower’s Bill of Rights

by Joyce Klein and Gwendy Donaker Brown
— As a critical building block of our economy — and its recovery from the great recession — small businesses must be protected from predatory lending and other practices which could cripple growth and slow the building of American wealth. Read more

Unlocking the Promise of Latinos in America

— In examining the demographics that shaped the city of El Paso — and all of Texas — it is clear that engagement with Latino leaders is crucial so we can enlist Latinos in America in the vital work of making our nation more competitive. Read more

A Roadmap for Restoring the American Dream

by Walter Isaacson
— For our nation to power through our next great revolution, we need to reinvent America as an innovation hub. We need to recognize that education is the greatest talent engine we possess and use collaboration to multiply those talents. Read more

Everyone Has a Meaningful Place in the New Economy

— In the midst of all our transformation and upheaval, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the fundamental belief that has driven this country since its inception: that the American Dream should be within reach for everyone. Read more

The Paradox of Capital Investment in the United States

by Donald A. Norman, Ph.D.
— Despite strong profits and plenty of cash on hand, the private sector isn't investing in the kinds of projects that will keep our economy growing. Here are some recommendations for reversing this trend before it's too late. Read more

Empowering the Leaders Baltimore Needs

by Fagan Harris and Kevin Easterly
— Baltimore has leaders. But what can be done to empower them to pursue their visions? How can we provide them with the tools to be successful entrepreneurs?   Read more

Education Alone Won’t End Income Inequality

by Maureen Conway
— Even without a plan for how to achieve or pay for vastly more higher education, everyone seems to agree it is somehow the solution to poverty, economic disenfranchisement and inequality. Alas, it almost surely will not work. Read more