Issue: The Economy

Transit Efficiency, Transit Equity and the Unglamorous Bus

— As demand for transit grows while municipal resources shrink, cities search for ways to get workers to work quickly and cheaply, but transit advocates and agencies sometimes favor high-dollar rail projects at the expense of flexible, cost-effective solution: the city bus. Read more

Next-Gen Business Thinking

by Judith Samuelson
— In an era of increasing global commerce, business has the resources and reach to play a crucial role in determining the course of human rights and progress. How can we reshape business education for the 21st century to ensure that CEOs look beyond the financial bottom line? Read more

Invisible Hand versus Squeaky Wheel

by Tarek Rizk
— After calling out short term thinking as a looming threat to the health of our financial system, experts and researchers thinking about the purpose of the corporation reach a fork in the road. Read more

Thinking Bigger in Local Minimum Wage Campaigns: The Fight for $15 in Seattle

by David Rolf
— In the story of Seattle's $15 an hour minimum wage fight, there is much to be learned. Most notably, momentum shifted when working people were seen as people, not just workers. They’re seen as our neighbors first, not activists. Instead of talking about their jobs, they’ve talked about their lives, their families, their struggles, and their aspirations. The debate became focused not on the workplace itself, but rather on Seattle's communities and economic future. The result has been new perceptions of who low-wage workers are, what they deserve, and whether they matter. Read more