Issue: Education

Eight Misconceptions About Free Speech on Campus

— College campuses are America’s bastion of free expression, right? Wrong. While once administrators were the seen as a threat to free speech, now students are leading the charge to limit speech and action they find offensive.  Read more

How to Simplify the Scholarship Application Process

— A radically simple idea to help more students find scholarship dollars is the creation of an accessible, multilingual, searchable database of scholarships and how to win them. The Department of Education should lead on this empowering initiative. Read more

Gathering Gold Against the Gloom of Unrest in Baltimore

by Eric Lavin and Aidan Flax-Clark
— Amid glimmers of hope in a city recently scarred by violence after the death in police custody of Freddie Gray, an Aspen-led initiative to strengthen existing and lift up new arts-centric community assets takes shape. Read more

How We’ve Misunderstood the Hurt Student Protesters Feel

— As protests have spread across college campuses this year, a pundit-driven battle over the underlying causes has unfolded. But leaders and commentators would do well to concentrate on empathy for these young people rather than sniping from the sidelines. Read more

Whose Scorecard Is It Anyway?

by Josh Wyner
— A new Department of Education measure of student outcomes at our nation’s colleges and universities is seen as a threat by some institutions. But they should see it as an opportunity to improve and innovate what they offer to future students. Read more

The Myth of Being “Bad at Math”

— Advances in neuroscience are revolutionizing our approach to education, particularly for the way we teach math. They challenge our basic assumptions about the subject, some of which have discouraged a lot of students from sticking with it. Read more

Why Education Is Key to Building a Future for Native Youth

by Teddy McCullough
— To ensure no Native youth are left behind, we must invest in a range of programs: Everything from financial assistance to something as simple as helping a Native student complete a college application. By investing in Native youth, we empower them to be successful Native professionals.  Read more

The Endless Possibilities of the Whitewater World

by John Seely Brown
— In welcoming a class of graduates to a life of entrepreneurial learning, the legendary technology visionary outlines the challenges and opportunities of living in a world where the information flow around us forms the context we all must understand to survive and thrive. Read more