Issue: Global Affairs

After Brexit: Repairing the Broken European Dream

— European leaders must respond to the concerns raised by Brexit voters before their separatist impulse sweeps Europe. Aspen Institute international partners from Italy, Romania and Germany are joining together with a new initiative to address those questions.   Read more

The Turkey Coup and the Future of Turkish Democracy

— In the face of this coup, Turkey should uphold its responsibility to strengthen the country’s democratic institutions. If not, the July 15 coup attempt may be remembered as the event that hammered the last nail in the coffin of Turkish democracy. Read more

The Migrant Crisis in Europe is America’s Problem Too

— Responsible leaders in every country must stand up against fear-mongering, and show that our commitment to liberal values need not come at the expense of our security. The coming months could be make or break for Europe and the United States. We cannot afford to fail. Read more

The United States Does Not Need a Higher Wall

by Ricardo Salinas
— While some in politics debate higher walls and more division, true statesmen should examine how the U.S. and Mexico can take their economic relationship to its full potential, for the benefit of the 400 million people in the two nations. Read more

Elections in Iran: Threat and Opportunity

— Although the results are unlikely to derail ongoing diplomatic and economic progress in Iran, Washington should watch these elections to understand what else might be possible in this era of limited — but still unprecedented — cooperation from Tehran. Read more

Beyond the Revolving Door

— For government and business to work together to solve the world's most pressing problems, the relationship between the two should be transparent and open to public scrutiny.Only then can we get the best from both entities. Read more

On Refugees, NATO, and the Future of Europe

— From our partners at Aspen Institute Prague, legendary political scientist and author Francis Fukuyama ponders the future of the European experiment in the face of a refugee crisis, a rising Islamic threat and how to deal with Russia. Read more

Reforming International Governance of Food Security

— If the global challenge of food security is to be met — and overcome — the agencies that together help the world tackle these issues need to launch a new era of cooperation and collaboration, and look hard at thoughtful, innovative, internal reforms. Read more