Issue: Global Affairs

Here’s How the TPP Can Boost Artisan Businesses

by Natalie Deuschle
— As the TPP continues to evolve, large corporations must be encouraged to collaborate with small businesses like artisan enterprises. This innovative thinking will help us make progress on the ambitious sustainable development goals by 2030. Read more

Taking Smallholder Farmers Commercial, Step by Step

— Smallholder farmers can rewrite the history of African agriculture by continuing to take charge of their own growth, forming cooperatives and utilizing all available resources. And governments can help those farmers to thrive and make sure rural communities prosper. Read more

Dying to Live

— Despite the death of more than 220 health-care workers to the disease, Sierra Leone came together as a country to beat Ebola, and they are committed to prevent future epidemics. With ongoing international support, they will do just that. Read more

A Statement on the Refugee Crisis

— The United States, Europe and the other nations of the world must be resolute in upholding our own standards and values and find a way to help Syrians move in the direction of the stability they need and the freedom they deserve. Read more

Celebrating the Power of Artisan Enterprise to Change the World

— If the global creative economy were a country, it would equal the fourth-largest economy — and workforce — on the planet. The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise is breaking down barriers to for these small-scale artisans all across the developing world.  Read more

On the Refugee Crisis in Europe: No Island Is an Island

by José M. de Areilza
— If EU policymakers can’t find a way to agree on a strategy for the wave of refugees fleeing war, persecution and economic calamity, the very idea of the Schengen agreement — free movement across Europe — will fray and the freedom it represents will fragment. Read more

Why Can’t We Stop Cholera in Haiti?

— An outbreak of cholera that began in 2010 has killed nearly 9,000 people and infected more than 730,000. It is the worst outbreak of the disease, globally, in modern history. Millions of dollars have been dispensed in the fight to eradicate it. But it’s still here.   Read more