Issue: Global Affairs

The Cuba of Today is One of Promise

— As a result of historic moves to normalization by Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro, the Cuba of today is no longer your father’s Cuba of Fidel Castro. It is not the free enterprise democracy of the American ideal either. But, it is much closer to the latter than is generally understood. Read more

Setting the Record Straight on Agent Orange

by Charles Bailey
— As America marks the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, it is important to remember that one part of our legacy there — the use of Agent Orange and its resulting Dioxin contamination — is being resolved, and new links are forming in that effort. Read more

On Food Security, Who Leads?

by Tom Daschle and Dan Glickman
— The short answer: Everyone. Government can set the agenda on this critical issue but the private sector holds the cards and the keys to getting more people better food. Read more

A Global Marshall Plan

— It is time to increase poor economies’ productive capacity and purchasing power, as occurred in Europe in the decade after Marshall’s speech. Marshall’s insight that such shared economic development is the only way to create a lasting peace remains as true as ever.  Read more

The Moral Imperatives of Food Security

by Madeleine K. Albright
— Food security is as much a moral and political issue as it is one defined by markets and international agreements. We have an obligation to close the gaps in the global food system not only for economic growth and political stability but also because it is the right thing to do. Read more

Making the Most of More Aid

— We are the first generation in human history with the means to pull every person on the planet out of abject poverty. There is enough money in the world. It is critical that we use it more wisely. Read more

New Frontiers in Development Finance

— As the world moves from focusing on the Millennium Development Goals to sustaining their progress, it's critical to establish better ways to manage the financing behind the framework. The year ahead offers several opportunities to strike a more balanced arrangement.  Read more