Issue: Global Affairs

Taking a Nation to War

by Mickey Edwards
— Congress is debating President Obama's request for the authority to use military force in the fight against ISIS. This debate is an important opportunity for the legislative branch to reinforce its role as the decisive voice in taking America to war.   Read more

Netpolitik: What the Emergence of Networks Means for Diplomacy and Statecraft

by Charlie Firestone and Leshuo Dong
— As Realpolitik and consensus-driven International Liberalism both show their weaknesses as constructs in a fast-moving, complex world, the authors suggests a new approach and lexicon for international relations, focused on understanding and employing network principles as a means for advancing diplomatic aims. Read more

President Obama Goes to New Delhi

— President Obama’s visit to India comes as the nation is working to balance close relations with both the United States and global competitors like China and Russia, all while keeping its eye on an audacious goal for sustained economic development. Strengthening the India-U.S. partnership holds risks and great opportunities. Read more

Fighting Ebola on All Fronts

— Understanding the disease, how it spreads and what this strain does to the body, is vital to containing and eventually defeating the outbreak in West Africa. So is sustained attention from international partners even as Ebola has slipped from headlines. Read more

Rethinking Hunger

— Though great strides have been made toward the Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of undernourished people in developing countries, the problem remains pervasive. Beyond providing more food, how do we ensure that people get the nutrients they need to live healthy, productive lives? Read more

To Fight Hunger, Think Family Planning

by The Honorable Joy Phumaphi
— Family planning is crucial to food security and sustainability, now and in the future. Incredibly, there are still 222 million women in the developing world who wish to plan their families, but lack meaningful access to these services.   Read more

Rebuilding Gaza – and Representing the Palestinian People

by Toni G. Verstandig
— The Palestinian future is in jeopardy after the latest conflict in Gaza. Former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad believes rebuilding is possible, but it must occur in tandem with a move toward accountable, legitimate government.  Read more