Issue: Governing

Reconnecting America in the 21st Century

— We need a national dialogue about race, class and opportunity. This dialogue should be rooted in action that seeks to turn the page on our history. One way we can start is by understanding and undoing mistakes we made while designing our transportation system. Read more

How the Flag Came Down

— As South Carolina struggled to understand the massacre at a historic church in Charleston, a group of leaders focused closely on finally removing the Confederate Battle Flag from the grounds of the state capitol, all while mourning the loss of one of their own.  Read more

More Money In Politics Is a Win for the GOP, Right? Maybe Not.

by Douglas Farrar
— In presidential politics, survival is usually a factor of how broadly your ideas appeal and how that appeal translates into donors from many different sources. But when one mega-millionaire can keep a candidate in the race indefinitely, how do we pick a winner? Read more

A Game Plan to Break the Gridlock

— The new Congress has a chance to focus on what works for both parties and for the American people. If lawmakers play "moneyball" — and make policy based on proven results and hard data — they could finally attack Washington gridlock. Read more

Redefining American Identity

— We’re at a moment in American life where because of severe and widening inequality on the one hand, and rapid demographic flux and change on the other, the basic underlying question of “who is us” is incredibly urgent. Read more

The Do-Nothing Congress Does Nothing Again

by Douglas Farrar
— As Congress heads into a short legislative period before breaking again to campaign, there are simply no political incentives for either party to focus on taking legislative action, though much work remains to be done. Read more