Topic: Africa

Economic Resiliency in Ebola-Stricken Countries

by Zach Wenner
— What can the philanthropic community do to drive growth and recovery in the countries struck by the Ebola epidemic? Protect access to markets, stay connected to talented entrepreneurs, and commit to the slow and steady task of building a more resilient economy for the future. Read more

Fighting Ebola on All Fronts

— Understanding the disease, how it spreads and what this strain does to the body, is vital to containing and eventually defeating the outbreak in West Africa. So is sustained attention from international partners even as Ebola has slipped from headlines. Read more

How Lessons from the Past Can Help Us Beat Ebola

by Ruth Katz
— While the CDC director said Ebola could be the world's next AIDS, leadership and swift action can beat this outbreak, provided we're able to learn from the mistakes of the past. The missing ingredients are human compassion and improving the systems that will stop this outbreak and keep future outbreaks from happening. Read more