Topic: economy

The United States Does Not Need a Higher Wall

by Ricardo Salinas
— While some in politics debate higher walls and more division, true statesmen should examine how the U.S. and Mexico can take their economic relationship to its full potential, for the benefit of the 400 million people in the two nations. Read more

The Future of Work

— Washington knows too little about the on-demand economy, and even less about collaboration. The future of work in America, like the future of governing, will depend on both. Here's a plan to start the debate off right. Read more

The Income Gap Keeps Widening. Something’s Not Working.

— The question for policymakers is whether we should focus on restraining the growth of incomes at the top or adopt policies that directly help boost incomes at the bottom. One economist argues for direct and consistent action to tackle the problems of the poor. Read more

Here’s How the TPP Can Boost Artisan Businesses

by Natalie Deuschle
— As the TPP continues to evolve, large corporations must be encouraged to collaborate with small businesses like artisan enterprises. This innovative thinking will help us make progress on the ambitious sustainable development goals by 2030. Read more

Did Short-Term Thinking Harm the Long-Term Success of U.S. Workers?

by Maureen Conway
— Americans work harder than almost anyone else in the world, putting in more hours per week and more weeks per year than workers in most other developed countries. But eventually, the powerful economic growth America’s workforce was driving stopped benefiting the workers themselves. Read more

Taking Smallholder Farmers Commercial, Step by Step

— Smallholder farmers can rewrite the history of African agriculture by continuing to take charge of their own growth, forming cooperatives and utilizing all available resources. And governments can help those farmers to thrive and make sure rural communities prosper. Read more

How States Can Lead the Way to Retirement Security

— Simple yet innovative, run by the state and available for the citizen to move from job-to-job, California's Secure Choice Retirement Savings plan could be the solution to creating lasting savings for the gig economy era.  Read more

Reducing Inequality: Six Next Moves for Business

by Maureen Conway and Judith Samuelson
— Business is beginning to focus on how they can be part of the solution as America works through a conversation about fair wages and the role of income inequality. Following moves by employers like Aetna Healthcare, Wal-mart, GM and others, here are some recommendations for maintaining momentum. Read more