Topic: entrepreneurs

Why We Need a Small Business Borrower’s Bill of Rights

by Joyce Klein and Gwendy Donaker Brown
— As a critical building block of our economy — and its recovery from the great recession — small businesses must be protected from predatory lending and other practices which could cripple growth and slow the building of American wealth. Read more

Empowering the Leaders Baltimore Needs

by Fagan Harris and Kevin Easterly
— Baltimore has leaders. But what can be done to empower them to pursue their visions? How can we provide them with the tools to be successful entrepreneurs?   Read more

Economic Resiliency in Ebola-Stricken Countries

by Zach Wenner
— What can the philanthropic community do to drive growth and recovery in the countries struck by the Ebola epidemic? Protect access to markets, stay connected to talented entrepreneurs, and commit to the slow and steady task of building a more resilient economy for the future. Read more