Topic: immigration

The United States Does Not Need a Higher Wall

by Ricardo Salinas
— While some in politics debate higher walls and more division, true statesmen should examine how the U.S. and Mexico can take their economic relationship to its full potential, for the benefit of the 400 million people in the two nations. Read more

On the Refugee Crisis in Europe: No Island Is an Island

by José M. de Areilza
— If EU policymakers can’t find a way to agree on a strategy for the wave of refugees fleeing war, persecution and economic calamity, the very idea of the Schengen agreement — free movement across Europe — will fray and the freedom it represents will fragment. Read more

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson On the Border

by Tarek Rizk
— The Obama administration's response to the border crisis has attracted a range of responses from commentators and advocates. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson discussed his personal experience with the crush of undocumented children crossing the border, and outlined his hopes for a solution.   Read more