Topic: Internet

Netpolitik: What the Emergence of Networks Means for Diplomacy and Statecraft

by Charlie Firestone and Leshuo Dong
— As Realpolitik and consensus-driven International Liberalism both show their weaknesses as constructs in a fast-moving, complex world, the authors suggests a new approach and lexicon for international relations, focused on understanding and employing network principles as a means for advancing diplomatic aims. Read more

It’s Time to Build a More Secure Internet

by Walter Isaacson
— Yes, anonymity is empowering. But escalating hacks and scams show that we need a safer alternative. A decade of escalating hacks begs the question: should we permit users to choose to be part of a parallel Internet that offers less anonymity but greater security? Read more

What Could Be Lost as Einstein’s Papers Go Online

by Walter Isaacson
— By empowering everyone to get information unfiltered, it diminishes the role of gatekeepers and intermediaries. But even in our digital age, scholars should visit their subjects’ archives—not just surf their sites.  Read more