Topic: leadership

Advice on Leadership and Self-Awareness

by Leo E. Strine, Jr
— We each have a very high likelihood of being on the bottom rung of society, in terms of wealth, connections and other social advantages. With that risk in mind, how would we want society to operate? Read more

The Better Corporation

— Around the world, the corporate governance landscape is shifting, as efforts to improve business practices gain support and momentum. The wave of reform has become visible everywhere, and, fueled by three developments, it is sure to continue to rise. Read more

The Shareholder Spring Continues

— Shareholders want to know what companies are doing to address climate change, whether they are responsible community members, how they behave in conflict zones, and much more. Corporations and boards would be wise to answer. Read more

Reducing Inequality: Six Next Moves for Business

by Maureen Conway and Judith Samuelson
— Business is beginning to focus on how they can be part of the solution as America works through a conversation about fair wages and the role of income inequality. Following moves by employers like Aetna Healthcare, Wal-mart, GM and others, here are some recommendations for maintaining momentum. Read more