Topic: poverty

How to Target Intergenerational Poverty With a Basic Life Skill

— Programs that strengthen the executive function of families — aligning services for children and their parents — gives those families the tools to manage the parenting challenges that are often exacerbated by economic insecurity. Read more

The Income Gap Keeps Widening. Something’s Not Working.

— The question for policymakers is whether we should focus on restraining the growth of incomes at the top or adopt policies that directly help boost incomes at the bottom. One economist argues for direct and consistent action to tackle the problems of the poor. Read more

How a Coach Can Help Break the Stubborn Grip of Poverty

by Nicki Ruiz de Luzuriaga
— Poverty is insidious and can make people believe they will never be able to live life without it. But a coach — lending real life assistance and boosting the confidence to see a better life — can have a powerful effect. Read more

Everyone Has a Meaningful Place in the New Economy

— In the midst of all our transformation and upheaval, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the fundamental belief that has driven this country since its inception: that the American Dream should be within reach for everyone. Read more

Empowering the Leaders Baltimore Needs

by Fagan Harris and Kevin Easterly
— Baltimore has leaders. But what can be done to empower them to pursue their visions? How can we provide them with the tools to be successful entrepreneurs?   Read more

Education Alone Won’t End Income Inequality

by Maureen Conway
— Even without a plan for how to achieve or pay for vastly more higher education, everyone seems to agree it is somehow the solution to poverty, economic disenfranchisement and inequality. Alas, it almost surely will not work. Read more

Making the Most of More Aid

— We are the first generation in human history with the means to pull every person on the planet out of abject poverty. There is enough money in the world. It is critical that we use it more wisely. Read more

Reducing Inequality: Six Next Moves for Business

by Maureen Conway and Judith Samuelson
— Business is beginning to focus on how they can be part of the solution as America works through a conversation about fair wages and the role of income inequality. Following moves by employers like Aetna Healthcare, Wal-mart, GM and others, here are some recommendations for maintaining momentum. Read more

Does Head Start Promote Outcomes for Low-Income Parents?

— While the landmark program begun during President Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty is always discussed in terms of impacts for poor children, a new study shows that Head Start fosters parents’ own educational advances. Read more