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The Migrant Crisis in Europe is America’s Problem Too

— Responsible leaders in every country must stand up against fear-mongering, and show that our commitment to liberal values need not come at the expense of our security. The coming months could be make or break for Europe and the United States. We cannot afford to fail. Read more

A Statement on the Refugee Crisis

— The United States, Europe and the other nations of the world must be resolute in upholding our own standards and values and find a way to help Syrians move in the direction of the stability they need and the freedom they deserve. Read more

On the Refugee Crisis in Europe: No Island Is an Island

by José M. de Areilza
— If EU policymakers can’t find a way to agree on a strategy for the wave of refugees fleeing war, persecution and economic calamity, the very idea of the Schengen agreement — free movement across Europe — will fray and the freedom it represents will fragment. Read more